Divisional Surgical Co

DIVISIONAL Surgical Co. Is Pakistan's premier manufacturer and supplier of Surgical and Medical instruments. We have a long-standing global reputation for quality, excellence and outstanding customer care & support services. Our product range of Surgical and Medical Instruments covers a wide range of surgical / Medical disciplines from the instruments mentioned in under mentioned the:- Divisional Catalogue No. 001, Divisional CatalogueNo. 002, Divisional Catalogue No. 003, Divisional Catalogue No. 004 KESSI and SPLENDID Catalogue No. 005.

All products supplied by the DIVISIONAL Surgical Co.in every respect with European and International quality management standards and systems, in compliance to the European Directive for Medical Devices. We have a well-established track record and our quality have always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer great Quality at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the Quality of our Instruments. We use high quality to produce the Instruments. With the active support of our Team Experts and make use of 1 st High GRADE RAW MATERIAL that are sourced from reliable Vendor base of the Industry. We are engaged in the Manufacturing and Exporting of our Instruments guaranteed in Very High Quality. Our products are according to International standard while Prices Extremely reasonable & competitive. Desired detailed information regarding any cited above Instruments will be sent in your respect with-in the stipulated time. We believe in that quality is never an accident, it is always the results of an intelligent effort. Today after a period of almost 17 years the name of DIVISIONAL Surgical Co.is stands for Quality, Reliability services in the Surgical & Medical World. We can say that we have been quite successful in achieving the Fix Targets and it has been possible with the help of our skilled workers as well as feed-back from our worthy clients. DIVISIONAL Surgical Co. is a Partnership concerned company and there are 6 Partners who runs this company. We relentlessly pursue to enhance the productivity and  quality needs of our Customers by providing the best and extremely reasonable available Price, Quality  and Service such that there shall be mutual growth and development through our  long terms Business partnership.

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